Windows 8 Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are always a something nice as it makes the navigation on the Windows makes easier and convenient. We have been always updating our readers with the best collection of keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly used operating systems and application and now we have Windows 8 here so we have decided to share the best collection of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts to our readers. If you have not yet tried the Windows 8 release download the ISO from here.

After you complete the installation you can try the below keyboard shortcuts.

1. Windows key – Brings up the Windows 8 start screen. You can start typing to search for an app, just like the Win7 start menu.
2. Windows key + B – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and select the tray notification area.
3. Windows key + C – Brings up the Charms menu, where you can search, share, and change settings.
4. Windows key + D – Brings up the old Windows desktop.
5. Windows key + E – Launch Windows Explorer with Computer view displayed.
6. Windows key + F – Brings up the Windows 8File search screen.
7. Windows key + H – Opens the Windows 8 Share panel.
8. Windows key + I – Opens the Settings panel, where you can change settings for the current app, change volume, wireless networks, shut down, or adjust the brightness.
9. Windows key + J – Switches focus between snapped Windows 8 applications.
10. Windows key + K – Opens the Devices panel (for connecting to a projector or some other device)
11. Windows key + L – Lock PC and return to Lock screen.
12. Windows key + M – Minimize all Windows on the desktop
13. Windows key + O – Locks device orientation.
14. Windows key + P – Choose between available displays.
15. Windows key + Q – Brings up the Windows 8 App Search screen.
16. Windows key + R – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and display the Run box.
17. Windows key + U – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center.
18. Windows key + V – Cycles through toasts.
19. Windows key + W – Brings up the Windows 8 Settings search screen.
20. Windows key + X – Launch Start Menu.
21. Windows key + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop.
22. Windows key + Z – Opens the App Bar for the current Windows 8 application.
23. Windows key + Page Up / Down – Moves tiles to the left / right.
24. Windows key + Tab – Opens the Windows 8 application switcher menu, switches between applications.
25. Windows key + , (comma) – Aero Peek at the desktop.
26. Windows key + . (period) – Snaps the current Windows 8 application to one side of the screen. (Right side)
27. Windows key + Shift + . (period) – Snaps the current Windows 8 application to the other side of the screen. (Left side)
28. Windows key + Space – Switch input language and keyboard layout.
29. Windows key + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order.
30. Windows key + Enter – Launches Narrator
31. Windows key + Arrow Keys – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and enable Aero Snap

Have you found a new keyboard shortcut on Windows 8? Share it with us by commenting below.

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