Use Online Faxing and Forget your Fax Machines


What is your New Year resolution this year? Well I have decided to reduce my paper usage this year. Going green is an excellent idea since your initiative actions will be benefited to your environment as well. If you are a person who is depending a fax machine a lot then you will be benefited today after reading this article. Because today we are discussing about a service which provides online faxing facility and it’s called Hello Fax. While using Hello fax you are not only saving papers but also you are saving energy of running a fax machine as well as the printing cost.

As you know good stuffs won’t come free and Hello fax has no exception. But then to promote their product they are offering a free service with very limited feature such as 5 faxing per month then 99 cents per additional usage. Apart from a free account they are offering a premium and ultimate accounts for those who heavily depend on faxing. These two accounts will have a dedicated fax number but free account will not have one.

Here is a video demonstration of hello fax

Hello fax also has integrated with services such as Google Drive, and Dropbox. Its better you experience the features by yourself. Try Hello fax.

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