Tips for OEM Branding Your Windows 7 Installation

Introducing a few nice tools to Brand your Windows 7 installations like you see in HP or Lenovo computers. Using these tools you can embed your own custom Logon screen, Adding support information to a Windows 7 installation and also attaching a company logo. It can be used for any commercial use if you sell computers in your own brand. These custom windows hacks can give more professional look to the computers.

Before executing the tools make sure you have the support of .Net Framework 4.0 or else get it from here.

OEM Configurator – A simple tool to modify the system information data also it can add custom logos.

Windows 7 logon changer – Is a small utility to change the default Windows 7 logon screen. Apart from changing the logon screen it has option to remove the shutdown button from the logon screen.

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