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We don’t have any such things! You are free to use and copy any content from our site but only if you provide credit links on the pages you’ve copied or used our content. You are most welcome to use our links on your website or blogroll without prior notice.

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You may use our contents on your website or Blogs only after getting an approval from the Hackstacks editor. You can send your request to editor at hackstacks.com.

You can’t copy the entire post content to your website from hackstacks. A short excerpt which is not less than 3 or 4 lines is important and a full URL to the original article should be posted.


Any plagiarism or the violation of our condition will be treated with the help of law such cases shall lead to a DMCA complaint with their Webhost and a cancellation of their Advertisement programs such as Adsense of AdBrite programs.

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We welcome anyone to post their comments but any which is abusive, disgusting, and racial or any way hurting others opinion will not be entertained. Out commenting system is moderated so such comments will not be published on the blog. Even such IP address will be banned from accessing the Blog.

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If you have found contents/materials which you feel should not be there. Please mail us with the information in editor at hackstacks.com. We will review and remove it if found correct and legitimate claim. Please mention briefly about the reason you contacted us for.