RecImg is an ultrafast way to Backup and Restore Windows 8

RecImg is an excellent free utility to recover your Windows 8 operating system and Applications to a previous working state. RecImg is not your regular file backup utility instead of that it gives an option only to create snapshots for your Windows 8 operating system and the applications installed in it. This utility strictly will not touch your document files that means you can do an operating system refresh without moving out your documents from the computers. Thus you are saved the time of backup/restore process of your personal files.

RecImg is specially built for Windows 8 with a nice UI to do the task in simplest way. This utility will help those who do lots of R&D with their Windows 8 OS. The snapshots can be easily stored on either local storage or an external storage.


When it comes to the backup management RecImg utility can do better things such as scheduling the backup, purging older backup, backup images can be tagged with specific name + creation date  + description etc.

The operation is fairly simple as you will see on the below screenshots.

Welcome Screen

Backup or Restore options

Select the backup destination drive and add snapshot details

Backup job is in progress

Backup job completed notification

Available snapshot details for restore

RecImg options

Note: If you are new to Windows 8 OS I would recommend that you install this application and keep one snapshot saved after installing all your needy applications.

Download RecImg

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