Outlook.com offers ad free, never expire email accounts with unlimited storage

Do you know that your Outlook.com accounts will be expired after 270 days of in activity?(Gmail has no exception) Inactivity of 270 days will not delete your email account but it will clean your inbox and suspend further email transport to your account. Then after 360 days of account inactivity will result in account deletion and your email address will be available to next user. If in case you are accessing your email account between 270 -360 days period your email account will be activated.

We have seen the shortcomings of Gmail last year through a video named Gmail man. It has given a rethought to many for using the Gmail as the video was created to completely expose Google’s strategy of Gmail.


Microsoft has started Outlook.com by marketing that they are not scanning their customers emails but will ads will be deployed to Free users. If you are business user you can subscribe for a premium option by paying 19.99 $ per year.

Premium option will exclude your Outlook.com or Hotmail account from the email account expiry policy as well as it will make such mailboxes ads free. Apart from that it is also offering unlimited disk space for your email. Upgrade now.

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