Internet explorer 10 is extending its supports for Windows 7

Its great news for the Windows 7 users as the Internet Explorer 10 is finally released with full support for Windows 7 OS.  As you know IE 10 was impressively redesigned for Windows 8 since Windows 8 was primarily a touch screen based operating system. By having that in mind the UI of IE 10 is designed for an easy navigation when you use it on tablets. Microsoft has not forgotten the Windows 7 users and they have extended its compatibility to Windows 7 as well! So let’s enjoy.


If you have experienced it on Windows 8 you may have felt the difference as its superfast that any of the previous internet explorer versions also opening any websites is remarkably fast. There are many good things about Internet explorer 10. I would suggest you experience it rather reading it over here.

Get your IE 10 free download on your Windows 7 first and then hop over to the Touch Gallery from your IE 10 browser.

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