How to share a common folder among Dropbox users

An online common folder between your cousins or friends would be a nice idea in-order to share picture or files easily because it will help to share some of your family photos with family members or some of the study materials with your class mates etc. Many online cloud file sharing provides an easy invite option to share one’s folder or even a photo album but Dropbox has put an extra effort to make it more comfortable for their users by making the shared folder part of other Dropbox users.

By making this you can easily have this shared folder as a data repository among other Dropbox users. Only invited users will see this shared folder on their Dropbox account. But keep in mind if you are saving some files to one of such shared folder, the storage space will be utilized from that folder owner’s Dropbox account.

I know you are quite confused but the below illustration will help you to understand it better.

Click on Image To Enlarge

Here, User “a” is the creator and owner of the “Photoshare” shared folder and b,c and d users are invited users for sharing the “Photoshare” folder.

When you login to Dropbox console you can invite any number of users to share any of your folders. By default the members can further send invitation to others but this feature can be enabled/disabled according to your need. Also an access revoke feature is also available to remove any of the members from the sharing list.


Well I use this feature to share our family photos with my cousins. It helps to save time which you spend while resizing and emailing. Try it let us know your feedback. In case if you run out of Dropbox storage here is a tip to increase the Dropbox storage for free.

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