How to Disable Autorun for External Hard Drive or Flash Drive in Windows 7

Many of us will find autorun useful but some like me will find it annoying and unwanted as it can be a reason to spread virus easily to a computer. The virus spread via flash drives or external drives will get active when “Autorun.inf” is executed. An Autorun.inf file can contain any codes .Exe files or .Vbs files are mostly executed from the autorun.inf. So if the autorun feature is disabled a virus activity can be prevented and stopped.

Now let’s learn how to disable it as it can be accomplished  in various methods

By Configuring Autoplay

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\AutoPlay

To Disable: Uncheck Use Autoplay for all devices and Click Save.

By Configuring Gpedit.msc

1. Click Start and in the Search box.
2. Type in gpedit.msc and press Enter.
3. Now navigate to Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\ Autoplay Policies\ Turn off Autoplay
4. Click on Enabled radio button, and then select All drives so that you can disable Autorun on all drives. Finally click OK then restart the computer to see the result.

By Running Microsoft Fix it tool

Click here to launch the tool. After downloading the tool execute it. The automated tool will disable the Autorun.

Let us know if it was helpful to you!

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