How To Access your Home PC or Mac Computer from Anywhere

How about accessing your Home computer from anywhere in the world? Most of us will have a home desktop computer which is permanently used for downloading purposes or even as common computer for everyone at home. Ever wanted to remote access this computer from elsewhere? It could be for checking the download status or a quick view of some documents or even for transferring some important files from that computer. Let it be anything but there is only one solution and that is Remote Desktop.

Remote Desktop makes it happen and help you to remote access to a particular computer from anywhere in the world. LogMein is supreme in this category of service since they provide this service free and easy to use form. The features like Wake on Lan, 256-bit AES encrypted remote session, Web browser based remote session, PC and Mac support etc makes this service supreme in it’s class.

You need to have an account to be created on the LogMein website to use this service.

Let’s see how to use this service

(1) Go to the computer which you wanted to access remotely and Login to LogMein Free service with your Email ID and Password.
(2) Once logged in click on the Download button and then save and run the Installer file (This file is the client side application which helps for remote access)

(3) After installing the client software on the computer the computer name will be registered under your LogMein account and it will become visible on your LogMein dashboard.
(4) So whenever you need to access your computer login to your Dashboard and click on Remote Control to sign in to your computer (You will be prompted enter the Windows ID and password if there is any)

So that’s it its easy and useful service. Try it and let us know how it helped you!

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