Gmail Tip – How to Organize the Send Mails to Follow up Later

Gmail is adding new feature to increase the productivity on the web-mail. The new feature will let you organize the send mails easily if that requires a follow up. It’s common that we miss to follow up certain mails we send out after couple of days. It’s hard to remember those follow up required emails unless it’s organized well if you receive hundreds of emails in a day.

Considering this hardship Google is adding a new feature which will allow the Gmail user to Label and mark the email before it send out. But if you have not yet started using the Labeling feature in Gmail you better take a look at this,  Also organizing the mailbox dashboard with multiple mailbox feature can increase productivity.

So create new label called Follow up and give some nice color for the label. When you compose a new email you will see the newly created label there. Select that and also click on the Star. Once you do this the send email will be starred and labeled for easy tracking.

*Consider creating a Starred items Mailbox so any follow up mail which is starred will show up on the dashboard itself.

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