Do you have a great App Idea? Get paid for it

Do you have a great idea for Apple app development? Share it with and they will give shape to your idea by developing it as a great app. Anybody will have an idea, but converting that idea to reality can cost thousands of dollars when you require special license and equipment for development. But then, having only the equipment and license will not help to create the app, coding knowledge is also an essential requirement.

Well if you do not want to bear these expenses you can send your ideas to Once your idea is chosen to develop they will manage the Designing and developing part. When it’s ready to publish they will list it on the Apple App Store. You will be paid a percentage (20 to 50) of the advertisement revenue from that particular app.

When you sign up on Appbates you will need to pay a small amount as development fee but if your idea is not selected for development it will be refunded. I know there will be a lot of questions may come up in your mind with this way of business check it out their FAQ page also watch the below presentation from Appbates.

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