Copyright Alert System is here to block sharing of Copyrighted contents

Copyright Alert System has started in United States to fight against P2P sharing of digital contents. It’s initiated by Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) by creating an American organization called Center for Copyright Information (CCI). The organization is incorporated with major Internet Service providers (ISP) in US to identify the copyright infringement.


Copyright Alert System will help the Digital content owners to take legal action when their digital contents are found shared on P2P networks, once such contents are found shared on any P2P network they can take action by informing the ISP according to the IP address associated with the P2P share. ISP can then track the internet subscriber by looking at the IP address and send multiple levels of warning to stop the content sharing activity.

In case if you are not stopping the activity then the ISP will send next level warning as reducing your internet speed to very low even they can temporarily suspend your internet connection and redirect you to certain webpage which may contain educational videos regarding copyright infringement.

This initiative is mainly to educate the end users and to reduce the loss Digital content owners also it will help the consumers to find better digital contents.

Here are couple of video demonstration.


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