Check which apps have authorized access to your email account?

You may have noticed that new web apps signup process works in better way! It may not require the lengthy process of filling out the forms to sign up for the account. Instead of that we are provided with a signup using our existing Google or Facebook accounts. When you use these accounts for signup the you are providing an authorized access to that particular application to access your personal information provided with Google or Facebook accounts. web service has the ability to help you to find out such permissions associated with your social profile. Usually whenever you are accessing any games or applications on Facebook you are knowingly or unknowingly giving access to your personal information to the app developer. The same way other social media website like Twitter, Google and Yahoo! Websites are allowing apps to gain access over your personal information.

While mypermission helps to see the permission on social profile it can also notify you when any of the apps gain control over your social profile. You can download the supported add-ons for your web browsers and easily see the permissions and take action accordingly.

So try and see how your data is exposed.

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