Check for Conficker and Tips to Protect Your PC


Are you worried about whether the much publicized Conficker computer worm has infected your computer? A fast technique to confirm that is available in the Conficker Eye Chart . Conficker Eye Chart is an effort to warn user of the worm by showing logos from security software sites. If your pc is having a snag showing the logos, it could be because Conficker obstructs the security Web sites from loading on infected computers. Conficker computer worm, approximately is to have infected more than 10 million PC’s since the start the year.

Conficker’s designers have gone to great lengths to arrange Conficker-infected PCs into a concealed P2P network. This facilitates them to place commands on any PC in the P2P network. The set-up of PCs then commence to send the commands among each other and other PCs and thus avoiding the most sophisticated intrusion detection systems. Strange it may sound but this worm affects only computers with Windows OS, Microsoft has published a number of ways to protect your PC from the Conficker computer worm.

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