A Media Manager which supports syncing iTunes playlist to Android, Blackberry and iPhone

iTunes is known to be as a best tool for managing music. The music quality while using iTunes is better than any other players available in its class also the easy music organizing capabilities had made it iTunes the favorite of any average computer user. iTunes often crash because of various reasons and it is quite hard to fix the installation after that. We have used Byetunes to remove the corrupted iTunes installation files also. But in some cases even that too had failed in fixing up the iTunes. Then the only option left in hand is a re-installation of the operating system. That can wipe of your custom playlist created on your iTunes as well.

But once DoubleTwist is installed it will scan the iTunes playlists and load it in your DoubleTwist Media manager window and let you easily synchronize it with your Android Phone, iPhone and Blackberry. Good thing is while syncing the playlists from the iTunes it does not duplicates the music files in your computer. It can also automatically import your Windows Media Player playlists as well.

Infact DoubleTwist has multiple roles!

It can be used as an iTunes to manage and synchronize media to your iPhone or iPods
It can be used as a universal media syncing device to variety of smartphones.
It can be used to easily download the Youtube videos to Mp4 format.
You can search and buy music from Amazon MP3 store.
It has an inbuilt Android Market browser.

For Android devices there is an app is available called AirSync which will helps to synchronize the playlist to the Android phones without connecting the mobile to the computers. It does it wirelessly using your home Wi-Fi connection.

DoubleTwist has support for PC and Mac

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