3 Marvelous Facts Every Online Publisher Should Know About MakeMyBrowser

3 Marvelous Facts Every Online Publisher Should Know About MakeMyBrowser

Remember the days when we looked forward to our monthly magazines to get delivered so we could read more about sports or fashion or science from our favorite publisher? Seems like a millennium ago, doesn’t it?  Actually, it was a millennium ago.

With the dawn of the Y2K (a cool word for the 21st century), came many ground-breaking technologies. Webzines and real-time online communication on social forums changed the entire landscape of the publisher-reader relationship. No more do people need to pay for or wait an entire month to hear from their favorite publisher. The reader has become more demanding, and the publisher (now online publisher) has to be more accessible than ever. The modern blog, website, followings and wall-posts provide a highly customized way of reaching out to the reader at the most “micro” level.

If you’re an online publisher, it is absolutely imperative that you know these 3 marvelous facts about MakeMyBrowser that could make your life a lot more fun!

1.       Personal yet Shareable

MakeMyBrowser allows you to make a personal browser named after you. Instead of having a generic icon sitting idly on your desktop screen, you can upload your own image and be as creative as you want. Apart from a catchy browser name and an artistic photo icon adding life to your desktop, you can also add your favorite theme to the browser to inspire you as you surf the internet. Thus, you can make this browser as personal as you want.

But, there’s a flip side, too. As personal as MakeMyBrowser can get, it also gives you the privilege to share your browsing experience with others that matter to you. As an online publisher, this means interacting with your readers in a way no one else can. By sharing your customized browser with your readers, you can broadcast your messages in a more tailored manner. Imagine your reader using the same sports browser as you, with the same image and name and all the bookmarks to the best sports websites you could collect (don’t worry; your browsing history is not broadcasted). Fascinating, isn’t it?

2.       Fast & Furious

Online publishers need to stay a step ahead of the world. Who likes to read outdated stories they’ve already heard from their friends? That’s right: no one. So, you have to be fast when it comes to reaching out to your readers. MakeMyBrowser gives you all the luxuries of the Chromium open-source browser, and much more. You can experience the same speedy surfing that Google Chrome offers, but with a twis – MakeMyBrowser enables you to download as many browsers as you fancy and correspond with different readers in different ways. So, how about a special browser for football fanatics and a separate one for basketball enthusiasts?

3.       Doesn’t Cost a Penny

Best of all, MakeMyBrowser is free. But then again, all the best things in life are. Since the notion of internet revolves around free information for all, why should browsers cost you anything? Building onto this principle, MakeMyBrowser ensures that online publishers can download multiple browsers on the same computer for absolutely no cost at all. Moreover, sharing browsers with your readers is also free. This means you can have unlimited correspondence and dissemination of information to your readers, who’re equally impatient to hear from you. In case you lose your browser due to a hardware crash or theft, you can even recover all your information without paying a dime. Just log in to your browser using any Google account and save all your bookmarks and passwords online. This way, you can always log in again and restore all the lost information with just a few clicks. And, you’re good to go.

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